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The Legend of Borealis- Part 5
The Legend of Borealis
Part Five:
Children of the Stones

Where is the blade shining like a star?
Where is the silver helm seen from afar?
They have passed away into the night,
Darkness glowing with winter's light.
Wither did they go when blood was shed,
And shadow passed o'er the field of dead?
Fatefully driven to the eye of the storm,
In the falling snow, met a friendship torn.
How was it that they fell to the sky?
How was it that they came to die?
In the stabbing pain of sorrow's war,
The life in their eyes gazing, nevermore.
        It is said that the souls of the twins Lunarean and Solarean ascended into the heavens, passing the bounds of the world and sky, to marvel together at the many wonders therein as they once did upon Gaia; returning sometimes upon the wind in the trees and meadows of their beloved Borealis.
        Light had returned to the world, but happiness seemed only
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 3 5
The Legend of Borealis- Part 4
The Legend of Borealis
Part Four:
The Fall of Kings

        Nemesis was loved by his people and worthy of the awe given by all, but ever since his eyes first fell upon the orbs made by the Silver and Golden kings in the Realm of Borealis, a darkness deeper then night awoke from inside his heart; the same darkness that had given part in his birth and cradled him in the heavens beyond the bounds of Gaia. Long had he been a dear friend to Lunarean the Wise and Solarean the Radiant, until that day the void awakened within his being. For many years after his mind became tainted and his blackened will, which could not easily be driven away, seeped into the hearts and minds of most of his people in turn.
A kind of evil came upon the Land of Astrum, bringing with it a chilling cold and fierce wind that killed the flowers, grasses and other unfortunate life caught within its unforgiving clutches; the star trees alone, with their needl
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 3 0
The Legend of Borealis- Part 3
The Legend of Borealis
Part Three:
Children of the Stars

        In the beginning, heaven's field was the void of darkness that is Erebus. Joined together with Nyx, goddess of night, they begot many children. The greatest of these children were the brothers Polaris and Solaris. Solaris created Gaia and together with Luna, they brought forth the first children of the world. His brother Polaris joined with Nebula, twin of the sky goddess Aurora, bringing forth all the stars in the heavens.
Upon seeing the wonder of the world his brother had created, he rejoiced and in his pride sent forth Nemesis, the greatest and most beloved of all his sons.
        Noble and strong in spirit and fair in form was Nemesis to behold. His hair burned with the passion and beauty of his mother and in his shinning eyes was seen the power and splendor of his father, Lord of All Stars. In this glory did he desc
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 3 1
The Legend of Borealis- Part 2
The Legend of Borealis
Part Two:
The Elfstones

        Together, the great Silven and Golden Elf Kings, ruled over their people; and for thousands of years did the elves spread afar and dwell in immortal glory, undimmed under the eternal gaze the heavens, o'er the undying lands.
So great had become their realm that the gods themselves were in awe at its splendor. Even so, the most pride was held with the sun Solaris and moon Luna, as they shone their radiant light down upon all that their children had made.
        It was in this time on Gaia that the elven-kings, at the height of their mystical wonders and craft, created the Elfstones; two crystal orbs of immeasurable power and beauty.
The silven-blue Orb of the Moon, the Selenestone, was made by Lunarean and the golden Orb of the Sun, the Heliostone, was made by Solarean. Within each st
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 4 4
The Legend of Borealis- Part 1
The Legend of Borealis
Part One:
Children of the Sky

        Come; gather yourselves around the fire in this beautiful starlit hour. Heed no nightly noise for, though sword and shield may not be in hand, there is safety in the folds of trees and the moon, our mother, casts her watchful eye upon all.
Now, I shall tell you of a time long ago when the world was young. Not many are left who remember the tale, for it took place when our world Gaia was still innocent and the ravages of war were not yet set upon it.
        There was once a land, at the dawning of the time, so green and fair that the great sky goddess Aurora kept it as her own, dwelling there often under the stars, lighting the night sky with her prismatic aura. She would leave trails of flowers where she walked and spring groves of trees wherever she slept; kissing dew upon all
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 6 3
Mature content
The Descendant :iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 6 8
As a matter of fact…
I don’t know.
Did someone say to think?
Cause I don’t think I can breath straight.
I was just trying to see…
But I don’t think it’ll work.
You know…
Something just popped,
Into my brain,
Besides the crawling,
Of sideways.
I think…
That I can’t think at all,
I can’t touch the bleeding,
Of what’s flow out…
I’m tired…
But if I tried to lay down,
It won’t get done.
What’s going on now?
Don’t think I have any strength,
To feel,
To kill,
Nothing seems quite real…
At the moment…
What was I going to say anyway?
Oh well.
I think my mind’s gone numb…
It could be fun,
But I don’t think,
I can think about it…
Were you about to say something?
Oh well…
Maybe I should stop,
Going into nothing now…
Falling into placid dreaming,
Of what is not going on.
It’s real…
But I can’t seem to fo
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 8 10
Preview - Nestor's Dream
Nestor's Dream
     I am walking down that cobblestone path of various colors, though it looks darker in the starlit night. That path winds its way around the edge of a dense menacing forest, while on its opposite side banks the blackened still waters of a lake whose unfathomed depths would be a terror in itself to ponder.
      As I walk forth upon this path I can’t help but feel that some destiny awaits me at some point along the way, as if Fate has taken on human form and is now only waiting for me to find him at last. And so I push forward on this ‘destiny road’…not so much out of hypnotic trance, but for a mutual eagerness to finally meet up with him and settle it.  
The path makes many twists and turns until it comes to a bridge spanning over a still waterway that seemingly feeds into that hideously dark lake. As I ascend over to the middle of its crossing, I feel that I have somehow reach
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 2 9
The end I can see is beginning.
For what was our sacrifice given?
Nothing it seems…
Under that full moon’s gaze,
The cries of the beast inside…

After all we’ve done for him,
All of the lives we’ve taken,
Hundreds of worlds conquered,
And for WHAT!?
It can’t be!
There’s so much more to us,
So much more…that we can do,
I can’t…it WON’T be that easy,
To just die!
It’s happening again.
Why am I seeing these things!?
What does it all mean!?
Fallen down into darkness now.
More visions…
It’s this curse that Thing gave to me,
These Nightmares of the future…
…by your blood…I swear…
…Noo! VEGETA!!
Where…where am I now?

Who is it…who’s calling me?
Who…who are you?
“You know who I
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 45 12
The Mountains of Madness by ErilisVampyre The Mountains of Madness :iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 8 21 Bodypart Breakfast - detail by ErilisVampyre
Mature content
Bodypart Breakfast - detail :iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 6 12
Mature content
Bodypart Breakfast-Dreamscapes :iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 10 12
Envision this if you would,
A warrior of seemingly inhuman strength using his immense power to hold back a torrent of water from its ever flowing path, this so that others may cross safely to the other side.
They have placed all trust and faith in this warrior to solely protect and lead them where they cannot go themselves. He has guided them through many dangers thus far - but he knows what they ignorantly do not; that he is not as strong as they believe him to be. They know not that he holds a demon from within that is slowly consuming him, body, mind and soul. He has managed to contain it in the past - but he is at his limit.
Everything that he has left to give - he is using to hold back the great torrent threatening to consume them all, knowing that he has no strength left to follow them to the other side. Smiling to himself - he is okay with that. For him there is no greater peace and joy then to sacrifice himself for those whom he happily serves and loves so d
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 18 35
Cat House - Dreamscapes
Dreamscapes of Unknown Lore
Cat House
From the bedroom door,
Down a darkened hallway,
The living room is dimly lit,
Giving way to creeping shadows,
In an olden day chime.
Whispers can be seen,
Of days long since dead.
Happiness and sorrow,
Collapsed under the weight,
Of darkness taken over.
Two children on four-legged feet,
Remain in this empty tomb.
They are the keepers of life,
To this old forgotten place.
Gentle voices breaking gloom…
…but fear walks among them,
In the form of their brother Doom.
Lying in wait within cupboards of despair,
Dripping in hate – screaming horrific tone,
Drawing blood with claws of fury.
These bringers of peaceful times,
Walk softly under their sleeping brother,
Or suffer the wrath of his scorn,
For they are only subjects unto him,
The Master of this Domain.
:iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 6 23
Oceanside by ErilisVampyre Oceanside :iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 12 10 Elegance by ErilisVampyre Elegance :iconerilisvampyre:ErilisVampyre 4 14
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Random Favourites

original: Light in Darkness by MathiaArkoniel original: Light in Darkness :iconmathiaarkoniel:MathiaArkoniel 862 56 I am not a Hero by D17rulez I am not a Hero :icond17rulez:D17rulez 1,837 254 Crying Eyes, So Beautiful by D17rulez Crying Eyes, So Beautiful :icond17rulez:D17rulez 485 164 Roxas vs Sora by suzuran Roxas vs Sora :iconsuzuran:suzuran 1,556 197 Bleach - Rukia Facing Death by keelerleah Bleach - Rukia Facing Death :iconkeelerleah:keelerleah 5,053 407 Bleach - Byakuya: Looking Back by keelerleah Bleach - Byakuya: Looking Back :iconkeelerleah:keelerleah 5,053 355 Ghost Tiger by hibbary Ghost Tiger :iconhibbary:hibbary 8,752 507 Do you remember... by hibbary Do you remember... :iconhibbary:hibbary 6,484 483 Ashley Unicorn Badge by Goldenwolf Ashley Unicorn Badge :icongoldenwolf:Goldenwolf 1,742 70 Heart Of Glass by Brigitte-Fredensborg Heart Of Glass :iconbrigitte-fredensborg:Brigitte-Fredensborg 24 9 labyrinth of time.gardens by Absurdostudio-Krum labyrinth of time.gardens :iconabsurdostudio-krum:Absurdostudio-Krum 562 49 FF7CC: Have a Dumbapple by DarkLitria FF7CC: Have a Dumbapple :icondarklitria:DarkLitria 101 53 -- GuroGuro -- by Yao-Ling
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The Wonder of Other's Works



One-winged Angel
"I had a dream, which was not all a dream.
The bright sun was extinguished, and the stars
Did wander darkling in the eternal space,
Rayless, and pathless, and the icy earth
Swung blind and blackening in the moonless air;
Morn came and went - and came, and brought no day,
And men forgot their passions in the dread
Of this their desolation; and all hearts
Were chilled into a selfish prayer for light...
All the earth was but one thought - and that was death...
A lump of death - a choas of hard clay.
They slept on the abyss without a surge...
The winds were withered in the stagnant air,
And the clouds perished; Darkness had no need
Of aid from them - She was the Universe."

Current Residence: The Twilight Zone
Favourite style of art: Spiritual, Macabre, Ignimatic
Wallpaper of choice: Ansem ~ Doorway to Darkness
Favourite cartoon character: Xemnas, Ansem, Sephiroth, Genesis, Alucard, Dante, Vegeta, Bakura, Vamp Hunter D, Grimmjow
Personal Quote: Not evil, just charitably challenged.
  • Listening to: Into the West ~ Annie Lennox
  • Reading: 'The Silmarillion' by J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Watching: Lord of the Rings
  • Playing: Chaos Legion
  • Eating: Lembus
  • Drinking: Elvish wine
Current Mood Personification: :iconlegolasplz:

:bulletred: Thoughts

They're Taking the Hobbits to Isengard!! :XD:

:bulletred: News

As some of you have asked and others are wondering still, I am doing much better now. Knowing what was wrong and exactly how to fix it, I have been keeping on the healing/strengthening path and hopefully it won't be long before I'm more or less healthy again; though I fear that I have been left with some lasting damage for the rest of my life.
Still jobless, but this and the next few months will tell.
That said, anyone who wishes to know more may ask.

*sigh..shakes head* Well I have been yet again thwarted from working on and finishing some of my works, my novel "The Kingdom of Forever" being one of them. Not by choice, I assure you. My computer desided to die on me and I can't retrieve my writings, or even turn it on, until I get it fix. I'm sure that the motherboard has decided to go out for the fifth time in a row and it will unfortunatly take money that I don't have to get it replaced again.
Until that happens, I am left to pound my head; but I am by no means left with nothing to do. New poems, tales and possibly artworks are lining themselves up on me. The current one I'm working on for :icontedzerds21:'s Writing Contest… has especially been boring into and frying my brain as I delve into the Lord of the Rings for inspiration.
Another one has been doing the same as I also delve into Pirates of the Caribbean for that inspiration. That's why I've also been in a piratey mood lately.

That being said, I have only two questions for you all:

Why is the rum gone?
Where's my jar of dirt?


:bulletred: Projects

"In Planning":

KH: Traditional/Digital artwork - Xemnas
KH: Xigbar cosplay

KH: "Diaries of Nobody" Diary of Xemnas - 4th entry
KH: Xemnas poem
Dragon Ball Z: Trunks poem
Novel: "Myth"
Novel: "The Kingdom of Forever"

"In The Works":

KH: "Diaries of Nobody" Lexicon of Zexion - Organization XIII member profiles
Dreamscapes of Unknown Lore: Works - Images, Writings and Poetry
Trigun: Legato and Wolfwood poems for Azriaz
Fan Artwork: Lovecraftian Drawing - "Kadath"
Short Story: "The Sea Ghost"
Short Story: "The Spaniard"
Prose/Poems: "The Legend of Borealis" for tedzerds21's contest

Random Poetry - Whenever I feel like it.


I take requests for poetry and other related works...for whatever suits your fancy. I'm quite apt to making poetry for artwork, as well. Just note me for that which your heart desires.


Just like my father, I too have poetic blood flowing through me. He is a great inspiration to me and where he finds deep beauty in his heart, so too do I find it within my own.

Please do visit and be a guest unto his home...where you shall partake in the great richness of his Poetry Stew.


I am the supreme host of :iconxemnas: and :iconxxxnothingxxx:

I am also "The Rebirth" lurking Mod for :icondot-hack-gu:


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Thinking of you, my beautiful sister.
I miss you, and love you always.
Precious memories of you will never fade.

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Happy Birthday, you little angel, you~
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Loves to you~
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LostTotheHoping Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2012  Professional Writer
I'm sorry I didn't get to grow up and know you a little better before you were gone. I still think of you, dear, and I miss you bitterly. I hope you've found the light that you wanted. Or at least warmth. Goddess bless.
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